Which is best for your country’s postal service?

Posted February 05, 2019 06:16:36We’re all for a free market, but not if you’re the United States Postal Service.

The agency’s chief executive, Kevin Shoup, has spoken out against the so-called ‘Liberty Tax’ plan in a letter sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

“While we believe that the United Nations is best positioned to deliver timely and effective relief from the burdens of the Liberty Tax, we are also mindful that the USPS needs the financial resources necessary to deliver these reliefs,” Mr Shoup said.

“We therefore urge you to consider the impact of this proposed amendment on the USPS’ ability to deliver relief to American taxpayers, as well as on the overall financial stability of the agency.”

The USPS is in need of immediate financial support, which is why we continue to work closely with the Federal Government on the issue.

“The proposed amendment would increase the Postal Service’s revenue by $7 billion over the next five years, while reducing the Postal Regulatory Commission’s authority by $1.2 billion.

It would also prevent the USPS from transferring its assets from the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAA) to the Postal Security and Exchange Commission (PSEC).

The amendment would also force USPS to cut 2,000 jobs and close more than 100 facilities, but Mr Shoups says the agency has a plan in place.”

As you know, our agency is fully staffed and fully prepared to meet the needs of its customers and our customers’ communities,” Mr Hoehner said.

The letter comes as postal service workers across the country are calling for an end to the “Liberty” tax.”

Liberty tax is just another corporate welfare scam,” said Paul Hays, president of the Postal Workers Union of America.”

It’s a scheme by the postal industry to create a system of tax breaks and subsidies to benefit itself and other corporate entities, in exchange for taxpayers being on the hook for their costs.

“The postal service has said it would be a “huge” blow to the USPS if the amendment is approved.”

These are all good jobs for the postal workers, and the Postal Services will be able to provide them a better and more stable income stream, but if this amendment passes, then our members will lose those jobs and we will lose thousands of employees,” Mr Teller said.

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