What are the US postal service’s latest service problems?

The USPS, which has been criticized for a string of service problems, has finally reached an agreement with its largest rival to resolve problems plaguing its most popular mail service.USPS and USPS-owned JetBlue have been in talks since April.

In the latest talks, the USPS and JetBlue agreed to a five-year contract that will see the companies’ respective mail delivery rates increase by about 50%. 

The USPS also agreed to pay a $2 billion penalty, though the final amount is yet to be announced. 

USPS spokesman Chris Gass said in a statement that the new deal is “good news for all Americans.” 

The announcement comes less than two months after the USPS had announced a $5 billion settlement with FedEx over its mail delivery. 

“Our agreement with JetBlue allows the USPS to continue to deliver the highest-quality and value to our customers,” Gass told Reuters in an emailed statement.

“We are confident that we will work collaboratively to resolve these issues.” 

In its statement, the Postal Service said the agreement will help the Postal Inspection Service better manage the USPS, and ensure that USPS employees “do not have to deal with more than one or two issues at a time.” 

“In a difficult and challenging environment, it is critical that we continue to work together to improve service and provide the most efficient and reliable mail delivery,” the USPS said.