Verizon customers are asking for help with cleaning house

NEW YORK — Verizon customers are sharing their stories about how they cleaned their homes, with many reporting being shut out of the company’s service.

Veronica Hickey of Chicago says she went to Verizon to get help with a house cleaning job.

“It’s been a long time coming,” she says.

When Hickey and her husband moved to a new house in December, Verizon offered to help her.

She says the house looked great, but her husband didn’t have a lot of work to do.

Hickey says she was disappointed, because the cleaning service she had had a couple years ago was still working, and she wasn’t sure it was going to be the same.

She wanted to know if the company would do a better job.

“I’ve been here for about a year now and I’ve only gotten a couple of cleaning jobs done, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing a job I know nothing about or if they’re not even doing the jobs I want them to do,” Hickey says.

Hickey said she did not like that she was stuck waiting.

She and her fiance were having a difficult time finding work after her husband’s job dried up, so they decided to find a different cleaning company.

Hitting the gas for the job was not an option, so Hickey had to ask for help from other customers.

Verizon customer services is one of many in the industry that is struggling to keep up with a flood of job applications, which have soared in recent months.

On Tuesday, the number of job listings for the cleaning services industry was up 17 percent from January, according to a recent report from Equifax.

The surge in job listings has been caused in part by a slowdown in the construction industry.

While there have been many temporary openings, a new survey from the Institute for Human Resource Management found that nearly half of the cleaning jobs available on Verizon’s website had been filled already.

The institute, which tracks job growth, found that the number job openings for cleaning services has risen nearly 26 percent in the past year.

Some of the companies that are taking advantage of the surge include companies like Home Depot, which has hired 1,400 cleaners over the past three years, according the company.

In an interview with ABC News, a Verizon spokeswoman said that it is always a challenge to find qualified people to work in a cleaning service because there are so many different industries.

We hire people to clean homes, and that’s why we’re expanding our workforce,” said Mary Larkin, senior vice president for consumer services.

She said the company is looking for people who have experience in cleaning, as well as experience working with other services like credit card and online banking.

She added that the company does not pay for cleaning and other services and has no involvement in the cleaning company itself.

Hanging up on customersWhen Hilda Mihalovic, who works in Verizon’s home care business, was looking for help, she didn’t know much about the cleaning industry and was confused.”

There’s no way to tell if they are the right person for the jobs,” she said.

Mihalovi has been cleaning homes since 2007.

She’s been cleaning since her daughter was born, but she was shocked to learn she had been put on the list to clean the family’s house, and couldn’t apply.

Mihlovic had a long list of questions, like where was she supposed to apply, what if there was a problem with the company or the job?”

I was like, oh my God, how do I apply? “

It was a really confusing situation.

I was like, oh my God, how do I apply?

I don,t know, I didn’t even know there were any jobs.”

Miharovic says she finally got an answer when she saw a sign at her door that said Verizon would help her apply.

“The person who told me that was the manager of the home care service and she told me if I was interested, I could call them to get in touch,” she recalled.

“And that was it.

So I called and said I’m interested and they were like, well, we don’t have any openings for us.”

Migrating to a different stateMihalamovic says when she moved to Florida, she applied for a job in Florida, but the company she applied to said she could not.

She had to get a new company to fill the gap.

After months of looking for a new job, Miharovi found a job at a cleaning company in Tennessee, where she says she got the job she’s always wanted.

She says she has been able to do more work, but that she still has a hard time applying for work.

“It doesn’t seem to be something