Trump administration wants to shut down US Postal Service, postal service contractor

The Trump administration is looking to shut the USPS out of business, according to the Associated Press.

The White House said Wednesday it’s looking to shutter the federal government contractor that runs the nation’s largest delivery service.

The move would leave about 20,000 postal workers unemployed, and it would come amid a national opioid crisis.

The Associated Press reported the Postal Service will be able to find a new home by 2019, but many would be out of work for months or years.

The AP reported that the Postal Regulatory Commission has been weighing the possibility of cutting off the USPS in the next few weeks.

In February, the agency said it would close its door to contractors, and then only through the end of the year.

That’s because of the ongoing opioid crisis that’s hitting many cities and towns across the country.

It’s unclear whether the White House is targeting the USPS directly or the Postal Contracting Council.

The Postal Service is the nations largest delivery company.

The Postal Service says it has a long-term plan to transition the company to a private-sector model.

But it says that’s unlikely to happen this year.