‘Starbucks is not a shelter’: Indian court hears ‘starbucks is a shelter’

A judge in the capital Delhi on Thursday acquitted the owners of a “starbucks” cafe who were convicted in court of sexually abusing two female employees and ordered the other two to serve a one-year jail term.

The court heard that the accused had been arrested in December for allegedly sexually abusing the employees, who were in their 20s.

The accused were convicted on Tuesday for the assault and were sentenced to one year in jail.

The judge told the court that the women had “frequently” been forced to go to the cafe and that they had been beaten, beaten and threatened with guns.

“I am not surprised that the alleged accused has been acquitted,” the judge said.

“It is very sad.

But this court is not just a judge, it is the highest court in the country.

The accused must serve a sentence.”

The court ordered the men to serve one year and two years in jail for sexually assaulting the employees in the cafe in March 2015.

The restaurant owners were acquitted in February this year of the charges, saying that they were innocent and the court had misapprehended their motive and intentions.

“This case is of great public importance.

I wish to emphasize that the Delhi Police should not be blamed,” the court said.