Sprint customer service receives ‘critical fix’ for issue affecting some customers

Sprint’s customer service is getting “critical fixes” after a customer reported a “critical issue” with its customer service system.

The issue is a “potentially significant security breach” and it could affect customers who were unable to sign in or log into their accounts, the company said.

“The problem is impacting customers who are unable to log into Sprint’s Customer Service, Selective Service, or Selective Access System,” the company told Reuters.

It’s unclear what caused the issue, but the Sprint spokesperson told Reuters that it was due to a change in a wireless router that’s part of the wireless network.

In a statement to Reuters, Sprint said it’s working with the National Security Agency to help “identify and address the issue.”

“Sprint has had critical issues with its Wireless Access Control (WAC) for many months, and the problem was identified in February,” the spokesperson added.

“We have been working closely with the NSA to identify the source of the problem, and are working to identify what information was compromised and how it was exploited.

Sprint is taking this critical issue very seriously and will continue to take the appropriate actions.”

The Sprint spokesperson said the problem is not limited to Sprint customers.

The company also said that it’s investigating whether the router could have been modified to allow hackers to access sensitive customer information.

Sprint told Reuters the router was part of a wireless network, but not part of its wireless network infrastructure.

The issue has been a long time coming for Sprint.

A customer service representative for the company contacted Reuters after a report surfaced in March that the company’s customer support had received a “serious” security breach, saying it was the third major security breach at Sprint in as many months.

The first incident, in December 2016, was the company being targeted by hackers, but it was later revealed that the hackers were working for the U.S. government.

More recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that the NSA had hacked into the private networks of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

A spokesperson for Sprint said the company “continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies to identify, identify and address any related security threats.”