Samsung to offer a new iPhone with a 5.7-inch display for $1,699

Apple is going to unveil a new phone this year that it says will have a 5-inch full HD display.

The iPhone 5.0 will be a device that’s supposed to come with a new 5- inch display for a low price.

This means that the 5.9-inch model will cost about $1.19 million and be available for just $699, making it the cheapest 5-in-1 display Apple has ever made.

This will be the first time Apple has made a new 4-inch iPhone display available for less than $1 million, and it’s a big deal because the iPhone 5 was the first iPhone with that display.

Apple is also reportedly working on a new camera that will be thinner than the current 5-megapixel iPhone 5 and will also have a smaller 5-mm screen.

This would allow the new camera to fit into the smaller iPhone 5, and make it easier to take photos with the new display.

Apple has yet to reveal any of these details.