Netflix wants to give subscribers access to its live-streaming service, CenturyLink

Netflix’s new live-broadcast service is rolling out to CenturyLink customers in Seattle, and the company has set a deadline of Nov. 6 for customers to sign up.

Netflix is launching the service to its customers in the Seattle area, as well as in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

CenturyLink, the largest ISP in the region, is offering customers access to Netflix through its own live-TV service, called LiveTV, which can also be accessed on Roku and Apple TV.

Centurylink is also allowing subscribers to watch the service on its broadband service, but customers are still limited to viewing live TV on their TV.

Netflix has been able to stream the service since it launched earlier this year.

CenturyTV says it will be launching the Netflix service in Seattle on Nov. 13.

Centurylinks service will be available on other Comcast and Time Warner Cable customers as well.

The new service is being offered in a “subscription-only” model, meaning customers are limited to watching one episode per month.

Netflix currently streams its live content to its own streaming service, Netflix Now, which is available for Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and more.

Netflix announced in February that it would be streaming live-video content on all devices, including Android TV devices, Roku, and Chromecast.

Century Link customers in Washington are getting access to the service from its existing streaming service.

CenturyLinks customers in New York, California, and Los Angeles are getting the service at a later date, but will still be able to watch its content on their broadband services.

Netflix also has plans to add a new service in the future.

Netflix added a new live video streaming service to the Netflix streaming service in March.

It launched the service in New Jersey, where it will begin streaming in the New York area starting in December.