Microsoft makes $15 million in afterpay profits

Microsoft makes a $15-million profit in the third quarter, the company said on Tuesday.

The profit, which was driven by net revenue of $824 million, helped it gain 6% year-on-year to $13.1 billion in revenue.

Microsoft said it would disclose the results of its fourth quarter earnings in October.

Microsoft said it was the first time in six years that the company’s profit was above $15 billion, after years of revenue falling well below the threshold.

Microsoft made $4.1 trillion in revenue last year, making it the most profitable software company in the world, according to the Information Technology & Telecommunications Association.

The group has been tracking Microsoft’s profit and earnings trends since 2006.

Microsoft has struggled to keep pace with other tech giants in recent years as its share of the global market has shrunk.

Its market share has fallen from 30% in 2016 to just 15% in 2017, according the group.

Microsoft is expected to announce its quarterly results on Wednesday.