Irish IT firm could be awarded €1.1bn contract to supply ‘charter’ customer service service

The Irish IT giant could be given a contract to provide “charter” customer service services to its customers.

The company is expected to start work in the next few weeks on a scheme to create a “championing agency” to oversee the “customer experience” of its clients, including some who might not otherwise be able to access the company’s website or mobile applications.

This would include people who may not be able access their bank accounts, for example.

It is expected the company will also work with the European Commission to provide a “certificate of approval” to businesses to allow them to set up shop in Ireland.

This could include providing a new identity scheme for customers, as well as giving them access to banking and other services.

This will enable them to “use” the company services more effectively, according to the Irish Times.

The Irish government said it will work with Irish companies and technology companies to “strengthen the digital economy and ensure the country’s IT systems are competitive in the 21st century”.

This is the same government that in March was awarded a €1bn technology contract to improve its IT systems and build up a digital workforce.