How to use Expedia’s Expedia Dashboard to find a new travel partner for your business


Log in to your Expedia account.2.

Click “Sign Up for Expedia Membership.”3.

Enter the email address of the partner who you would like to meet.4.

Click the “Submit” button to add them as a new Expedia customer.5.

Your new Expedo partner will receive an email from Expedia with their name, phone number, and email address, along with a link to view their profile.6.

When you log into your new partner’s profile, they will be listed as “Notify Me.”7.

When they click on that link, they’ll see a list of all of the partners that have been added to their Expedo account.8.

You can view their contact details, their expo profile, and their photo, but you will not be able to view all of their Expedia friends.9.

You will still be able view their photos in the Expedo app and their contact info in the partner’s Expedo profile.10.

Your Expedo team will send you a new invitation to add their new partner as a member.11.

When a new partner joins your Expedo, they can see the partner they added on Expedo and their Expanded Partner status.12.

You’ll be able add a new member to your account once a week, and a member can be added to a new account once every 30 days.