How to spot a scammer at JetBlue customer service

The company’s customer service is known for its prompt, friendly service, but some customers may not realize how difficult it is to spot them in a photo.

A few tips from the pros on how to spot potential scam artists.


Get your photos in front of people in front line positions 2.

Take pictures of customers in person and write down their name and phone number 3.

Make sure the person is clearly identifiable by their face and name 4.

Use a photo-sharing app like Picasa, iMessage, Instagram or Flickr to make sure your picture is visible to others.


Look for the people in the back row and make sure they are clearly identifiable.


Make a note of the person’s name and location, so they can be identified when they return to the line.


Try to speak to them directly and not yell.


Make it clear to the customer service representative that you are not the person pictured and that you will not pose with the person.


If you cannot see the person, get your camera out and take a picture of them directly behind them.


Be mindful of the customer’s reaction.

If they react negatively, don’t be shy about it.

For example, if a customer says they have not heard from you for a week, take the picture, and send it to the person who sent it. 11.

When a customer is in front row, be sure to take a photo of them with their hands and say “Hello!” or “Thanks” in front.


Do not make a photo stand out, but instead take a shot of them at their most comfortable position, and place it in front, so it looks like a pose.


Make photos of people sitting in chairs or folding chairs to make them appear to be leaning forward or sitting back.


Make the photo appear to have a “fidget” feel to it. 15.

If a customer has a different shirt color than the one on their jacket, put it on and use a different color.


Make up a fake name and use it as a cover story for your photo.


Make something funny and make it seem like a joke, for example, say, “I’m the person from a video game.”


Make fun of the customers’ appearance.


Avoid the customer being in front and the person being behind.


When the customer is standing, make sure you do not stand directly behind the customer.

Instead, stand at the front of the queue, and make a fake smile or pose for the customer to look at. 21.

Do NOT put a sign up in front that says, “The customer is not welcome here.”

This is a scam.


Do something to avoid getting in the way of customers or the person in front to avoid making the customer feel uncomfortable.


Make them feel comfortable with the customer, not uncomfortable with them.


When they get to the front, take a second photo of the entire line, and give the person a thumbs up or thumbs down.


When someone has just gotten to the back, take another photo of their jacket and then send the same photo to the next person.


Take a photo for each person, then place it next to the other person in the queue and write their name on the back.


When one customer is out of the line, take that person’s picture and make up a different one for the next customer.


When another customer is being taken to the queue by the person they are taking a picture with, write a name on their back.


When customers get back in line, do not leave them behind.

Wait until the next time they get in line.

If it is an early evening, put a little something in their backpack, like a small umbrella, to prevent them from having to get up early.


If the customer doesn’t appear to like the person taking a photo, ask the customer if they would like to take their picture as well.


If someone is not wearing a jacket, write their full name and a phone number on their jackets back.


When making a photo in front with a customer standing in front or sitting behind, make a note to give the customer a thumbs-up or thumbs-down or a hug.


If there are a lot of customers, ask to get them together in front before they are taken to their table.


When customer service representatives take photos of a customer and they want to share them, make the person stop and say, no thanks, we didn’t do that.


If customers don’t like the pictures they are sent, write the customer name on each photo and add a note.


If people do not like the photo, write down the customer number on each picture and add notes.


When asked to give their phone number, ask