How to mount your tv without losing it

If you own an Amazon TV, then you know how much work it takes to mount the HDMI inputs.

To make it easier, I’ve made this guide to mount any HDMI source.

In this guide, I will cover mounting a Roku, Xbox, or PlayStation TV using an Amazon Echo and the HDMI-to-USB cable.

For the first time, we will not go through the steps of setting up the HDMI cable.

Instead, we’ll focus on the steps to mount a HDMI-enabled device on your Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV.

If you already own an Echo or Echo Dot, you may be interested in these guides.

If not, you can download these guides directly from Amazon’s website.

First, you will need to find the HDMI port in your Amazon TV.

The HDMI port is located on the right side of the remote control.

Next, open up the Amazon Alexa app.

It will bring up a list of all your connected devices.

Find your Amazon Echo or Alexa Dot.

If it is not connected to the Fire TV or Fire Stick, you probably have a new Echo or a new Fire TV model.

Now, tap on the HDMI button to find your HDMI port.

Tap on the Amazon Fire logo to open the Amazon app.

Now tap on “Manage Amazon Devices.”

Select your Echo or your Echo Dot.

Now scroll down to the “Settings” section.

Select “Display” and select “Connections.”

Now tap “OK” to confirm the settings.

Finally, tap “Connect” and wait for the Alexa app to open up.

Open the Alexa settings.

You will see your new HDMI-connected device listed under the “Amazon Devices” section on the left side of your Amazon Alexa interface.

Now it is time to mount it.

Open up the Alexa Assistant app.

Select your HDMI-equipped device and tap “Mount.”

Tap on “Mounting.”

Now you will see a menu appear at the top of the Alexa interface that will let you select the type of mounting device you want to mount.

Tap “Mount” and then tap “Open.”

Now, you are ready to mount an HDMI-compatible device.

Tap the mount button and then follow the instructions to set up the mount.

You can find all of the details about the HDMI mounting process here.

Now that you have a HDMI device mounted, you should be able to connect it to your Amazon streaming device.

Now the process is the same on the Roku, but this time we will be using the Echo and Echo Dot as the HDMI source to mount them.

First up, go to the Amazon Store, tap the HDMI icon on the top right of the home screen.

Tap a HDMI button on the Echo or the Echo Dot to open a menu that will allow you to select the HDMI device you wish to mount and then press “Mount”.

Once the HDMI devices are mounted, tap a HDMI or USB port on the device.

On the left, you’ll see a drop down menu that lets you select “Display.”

Select “Fire TV” and the device will be highlighted.

On top of that, you’re going to see a list that shows you all of your connected TV devices.

Now open the Alexa App and tap the “Mute” button.

This will mute the device and will not show the HDMI connection bar on the bottom of the Amazon interface.

To mute the HDMI output, open the device’s app and tap on mute.

Now you can mute any of the HDMI sources on your Echo and/or Echo Dot using the Alexa Voice Search.

Now let’s look at how to mount our Echo and Amazon Fire TVs.

Mounting our Roku and Amazon TV¶ First, locate the HDMI ports on your Roku and your Amazon television.

If the HDMI connector is not on the inside of the Roku’s case, then the HDMI pin on the box is the HDMI input.

If your Roku is not mounted correctly, the HDMI pins will not be connected to your Roku.

Next up, locate your HDMI pin and connect it.

Make sure the HDMI jack on the remote is plugged into the HDMI slot on your HDMI cable (if the remote has one, then connect it).

Next, locate and plug in the HDMI cord that came with your Roku or Amazon TV to the HDMI receptacle on the back of the box.

Now connect the HDMI plug to the remote.

Connect the HDMI wire from your HDMI jack to the power cord on your remote.

The remote will now be powered on.

Now we need to mount this HDMI source on our Roku.

Open your Roku app and navigate to “Home.”

In the navigation menu, select “Mount Home Cinema Display.”

Now locate and connect your HDMI adapter to the Roku.

Finally connect the power cable to the cord on the power adapter.

Now close the Roku app, and you should see the HDMI “Display bar” appear on the Alexa Home interface.

You should now be able use your Roku to mount HDMI devices.

Here are some additional tips for mounting HDMI