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AETNA customers will soon be able to send money directly from their accounts to their bank accounts, and they will be able send money to their home phone number, according to a new report.

Aetna announced Thursday that it would allow customers to send cash to their phone number in their account settings, rather than the traditional “credit card” option.

Aetna also plans to allow customers who have a credit card to make payments from their account using a mobile app, and the company has set up a special Facebook account for its customers.

The new features come just days after AetNA said it would let customers send money via mobile payments to their mobile phone number.

AETN customers can now send money with a mobile phone, and customers can send money from their Aetnah account to their other accounts, according a statement.

A customer can pay for items, pay for bills, or make a purchase from their mobile device.AETNA is now offering two mobile payment options, according.

A payment can be made via credit or debit cards, with one credit card accepted for a total of $100 and the other for $100.

A cashier will tell you how much cash to put in the account and when to use it, the company said.

A phone number is required when making a mobile payment.

You can add your name to the mobile app and you can also choose to pay with cash, check or credit card, the statement said.

A phone number does not need to be a cell phone number to make a mobile money transfer, but you will need to have the correct credit card for the amount.

A card is not required to make an online transfer.