How to avoid the bad news

A good news story, and one that is often reported, is good news.

So, if you see a news story that makes the internet go bananas, then be aware that the good news is just that.

The bad news is that the news story is fake news.

And, to avoid a false positive, it is important to look at the source and to be skeptical.

Let’s look at an example.

A recent article on the internet that mentioned Amazon Customer Service as one of the reasons for the increased cost of public services was not just wrong, it was extremely misleading.

This article on Forbes has a headline that reads, “Amazon is cutting jobs at public services”.

But, that article has the following headline:”Amazon is increasing the cost of the public service.”

The article states that Amazon is cutting 20% of the employees at the Seattle Public Utilities Authority (SPU) as a result of the cost increases and the fact that the public has not had a rate increase in over six years.

So, to begin with, the article has no factual basis.

It is also misleading.

The fact is that Amazon has not cut any employees at SPU.

The company announced the layoffs at a news conference on December 2.

The Seattle Public Utility Authority has approximately 20,000 employees and there are currently about 18,000 people employed by the public utility.

In addition, the Seattle Times article is not factual and it is misleading.

It states that there are 20, 000 people working for the public authority.

This is incorrect.

It includes employees at other agencies as well as the public.

According to the Seattle Office of Management and Budget, the public agency employed about 17,000 workers in fiscal year 2016 and 16,000 in fiscal years 2017.

And in fiscal 2017, the office reported that it had more than 4,500 workers.

And as for the number of people working at the agency in the fiscal year that ended on December 31, 2017, there were more than 1,000.

The city’s payroll department reported that the Seattle Police Department had 4,100 employees and the fire department had 1,100.

The public utility is not the only agency that has layoffs at SPUs.

In fact, the SPU has already announced the termination of about 15,000 full-time employees.

The number of employees laid off is more than double the number laid off in fiscal 2016 and a half.

The department is working with the union to make up the lost payroll.

So it is not as if the layoffs are being made at a sudden, unplanned rate.

The SPU announced that it is reducing the salaries of employees that were previously working on behalf of the agency and is offering a wage freeze for the employees that remain on the payroll.

In the next section, we will examine the source of the article and see how we can avoid a fake news story.