How did you end up at Walmart?

New Scientist is reporting that people are more likely to get a customer service response from Amazon if they’re a member of the retailer’s Prime membership program.

The site also found that the majority of customers who received a response from the retailer were not from Amazon’s network.

“This study shows that consumers may be better served by Amazon’s Prime memberships than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, which typically have higher barriers to entry and more expensive offerings,” wrote David Berenbaum and Scott Stearns in the article.

“In contrast, a majority of respondents to this study said that they were satisfied with their service from Amazon, and that the company did not provide a superior experience.”

When asked how many times they had received a service from Prime members, those with Prime membership said that there had been seven or fewer times.

“Of the Prime members who had received service, 70% said that it was through Amazon Prime.”

Amazon Prime members have the option of joining a $99 annual membership, or paying $7.99 a month.

Amazon is currently selling a number of different perks that can be purchased in the form of books, music, games, toys, and more.

The company has yet to offer any pricing information on Prime members’ membership fees, though Amazon is expected to reveal more information in the coming weeks.