How Dell is taking on the mortgage industry with its own loans

The Dell deal, if it happens, would be the biggest in the world, and would give Dell the power to take on some of the most lucrative home loan businesses, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The company, whose name has become synonymous with its home computer business, has been expanding its network of finance offices and acquiring some smaller businesses that specialize in servicing mortgage loans.

The move would create an even stronger foothold in the home financing industry and bring more options to people who are struggling with their mortgage debt, said Bill Miller, an analyst at Moody’s Analytics.

The deal could also help Dell’s expansion into the lucrative consumer lending business, where its sales in that segment have increased by about 40% since 2010, according to an analysis by FICO, an investment research firm.

Dell declined to comment.

The FICO analysis estimated Dell could take on $100 billion in revenue from the deal, about as much as the combined sales of Apple Inc. and Inc.

The deal would also give Dell more leverage in the mortgage business.

Fannie and Freddie have already begun buying loans from the mortgage companies.

That’s helped Dell to take advantage of the lower rates on mortgages it can offer, and help it compete with smaller lenders.

Dell also has the ability to offer a higher interest rate to people that it doesn’t have to, in addition to making payments that the companies can’t.

It could help lower the cost of mortgages, which is one of the main reasons why many people borrow from Fannie, Freddie and other banks.

The company’s sales at its financial centers have surged this year, according and a spokesman for the company said in a statement.

Dell’s new loan offering would be part of the broader expansion of its financial services business, which includes an expanding line of personal and business loans, according a person familiar with the matter.

Dell, which has been looking for ways to extend its reach in the consumer loan business, already offers some of its own mortgages, such as loans for its computer equipment business.

The bank recently acquired its home loan business.

The Dell deal could add to its $6.2 billion in sales in the financial services sector in the fourth quarter, the company’s chief financial officer said in February.

Miller said he expects the company to continue to grow as it expands its consumer lending operations.

But he also said that the company will have to keep expanding its mortgage business, given the recent mortgage crisis.

It is possible that the new deal will make some of Dell’s loans more attractive to customers, but he cautioned that the size of the new loan could still be too big to be profitable.

“We don’t know exactly what this new product will be worth,” Miller said.

“But I do know that this will have a huge impact on the bottom line, and that’s going to be a challenge.”