Gordon’s food service service, service electric is getting new lease on life

Gordon’s is getting a new lease, thanks to the rise of online delivery service Uber.

The restaurant chain announced a deal with Uber, and the deal is being hailed as a “game-changer” for the chain.

The deal allows Gordon’s to bring back traditional restaurant-style food service to its customers, including delivery of groceries and food to its new, larger locations, as well as the ability to offer food to Uber riders on demand.

“Gordon’s is committed to delivering the freshest, freshest food and service to our guests, and our partnership with Uber is a win-win for both parties,” the company said in a statement.

Gordon’s has been experimenting with delivery and other ways to deliver food and its customers for a while, and this latest partnership is just the latest in a string of moves the chain has made to expand its menu options.

In April, Gordon’s opened a new location in downtown Los Angeles, and in May, it added a location in New York City.

The chain is also getting ready to open its first franchised store in Atlanta, a move that was initially slated to open in 2018.