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Google News Article – Google has rolled out new customer service for its Indian cricket team.

The new service will be available on the Cricket India website, in addition to in-app support.

The new customer services include the following features:Customer service:Cricket India has been working on a new customer support platform to address the issues that customers have reported with the team, which have seen a drop in sales, said Anand Patwardhan, VP and GM, Cricket India.

This new customer experience will include the ability to make phone calls, make in-store reservations, access to customer service centres, and even pay in person to a member of the team to have your issues addressed, Patwardham said.

Customer service is being rolled out across the team as well, including customer service representatives on the field, the team’s training and technical staff, and on social media.

New services:On the Cricket team, Patty said the new customer experiences will also be accessible on social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

This will include customer service on Twitter and the team social media accounts, as well as customer service in-game, Patz said.

The team will also have a new team Facebook page to share customer support questions and answers.

In-game customer service:The team is working on new in-player support, which will allow players to post their concerns to a representative and have the issue resolved.

“We are working on some new features and we will announce the details of these when we launch it in the coming weeks,” Patz added.

The team has also rolled out the ability for fans to post comments on the team on the official Twitter and Facebook pages.

This allows players to directly communicate directly with the fans.

This service is currently available on iOS, Android and web browsers.

“We are committed to our fans and fans’ issues.

We want them to know that we are listening to their concerns, and are taking steps to make the cricket experience better,” Patwardhans statement said.

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