Google customer service has been hit by a hack that could see it shut down for several days.

Hacker News article Hacker news: Google customer support has been attacked by a malicious software attack that could shut down its service for several weeks, according to a report by a security researcher.

The researcher said on Thursday that the attack appeared to be a sophisticated attack that targeted an unnamed Google server in India, and that Google’s customer support portal had been compromised.

The attack was discovered by the researcher in mid-February, with a report about the attack appearing in the online news blog Ars Technica on March 1.

Google confirmed that the incident had occurred, and it said that the breach had affected its customer service portal and that it was working to restore services as quickly as possible.

The company has been the subject of a number of recent security incidents, including the theft of data from its cloud services.

Ars first reported about the breach on March 6.

Ars is working to verify the claim.

Google’s data breach has already affected more than 100,000 customers.

Ars reported on Thursday evening that Google had been forced to shut down the accounts of a further 5,000 accounts, with the total number of accounts affected to around 6,000.

“In order to protect our customers from further cyber-attacks, we are currently disabling access to Google’s Google Customer Service Portal and the customer support portals of other Google services,” a spokesperson told Ars.

“We will continue to work with the affected customers to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Google said that it would not be releasing further information on the breach until after it had “resolved the issues affecting customers affected by this incident.”

Ars has reached out to Google for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.