Google calls 911, says ‘we are the 911’ in dispute

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Google, the parent company of YouTube, against the Southern California city of San Diego and the emergency services.

The judge sided with the city of Los Angeles and ordered a preliminary injunction against Google’s proposed $7.9 billion acquisition of the San Diego Unified School District, which Google says could have a material impact on the quality of public education in the city.

The city’s lawsuit alleges that the purchase violates California law by interfering with the right of residents to maintain their homes and businesses in a way that allows them to keep their homes free of hazardous chemicals.

San Diego has long claimed that Google’s purchase would force it to sell off public schools, while also putting an unnecessary strain on schools and the public health system.

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Diego issued an order Tuesday allowing Google to continue to pursue its lawsuit in federal court.

The settlement came after a lawsuit in January by the city, the county and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office sought to block the transaction.

The court sided with San Diego’s argument that the city and county did not have standing to sue Google, since Google was not the subject of the city’s original lawsuit and did not engage in conduct that would make it a public nuisance.

The two parties were also not involved in a separate class-action lawsuit that San Diego filed against Google in October 2016, according to court records.

San Diegans also have long complained that Google, with the help of other tech companies, has created a “class-action model” for online shopping, a practice that allows users to claim as many as three similar consumer complaints in one go.