Australian customers beware: Walmart is introducing a new security service

Walmart has rolled out a new customer service service tool to its US customers.

The new tool allows customers to create custom security rules for online purchases, and to access specific sections of their shopping cart.

Walmart’s new customer care portal was launched today (March 16) as part of a partnership with online shopping portal Shopify.

Walmart has been under increasing pressure from hackers in recent months, particularly after hackers targeted the retailer’s own security systems in 2016.

In October, Walmart was forced to release a statement to customers clarifying that it had “no control” over security vulnerabilities in its systems.

A spokesperson for Walmart Australia said the tool would allow customers to: “Request additional information and instructions to further secure your shopping experience.

Customers can also request help to determine if an online purchase is safe, and/or report any security issues that they have encountered.

You can also report security issues directly to Walmart’s Customer Care team, who will investigate and resolve them.”

Walter Pielke Jr, Walmart’s senior vice president of customer care, said the new tool would help customers avoid a number of security issues and give them control over their shopping experience and their purchases.

“Customers should be able to manage their shopping environment with a more personal touch by using the Walmart Customer Care portal,” he said.

“This new service is an easy-to-use, simple and powerful tool that will help Walmart employees help customers keep their money safe online and on the go.”

“Walmart will continue to improve the customer experience and help our customers secure their finances through this service.”

It is not yet clear how much time customers will have to access the new service.

But in the US, Walmart has said it has no control over security issues in its network, and that it will work to help customers “prevent and detect and respond to threats”.