AT&T Internet Service: You don’t have to be a Comcast customer to get a free speed boost

AT&t has announced that it will make its customers eligible for a free monthly speed boost if they are using a DIRECTV service, and they’re not already paying for it.

AT&ts customers who are in the United States and have a current DIRECTV account will get a 1Mbps boost for a month starting January 7, 2018.

Customers who have DIRECTV and a Comcast account but are not paying for speed, will get an additional 1Mbps.

The company is making this announcement after an extensive search, as it wants to give customers the chance to speed up their service.

AT &t will start providing the speed boost through an online speedtest tool on its site, and it will be available for subscribers who are currently paying for the service.

Customers with DIRECTV accounts can sign up for an AT&s speedtest for $20 per month.

AT is still evaluating what kind of speeds and features it will offer in a free service.

“We know that a lot of customers want speed and value for their money, so we’re excited to offer speed and new features to those who want to keep pace with the technology changes that are changing how we work, shop, and play,” AT&ting president and COO Steve Johnson said in a statement.

AT’s Speed Test Tool is currently only available for those in the US and Canada, but the company plans to add speed boosts for international customers in the coming months.

The announcement is a bit of a mixed bag for DIRECTV customers, who can get speed boosts if they already pay for the speed, but if they aren’t, the speed boosts won’t help.

DIRECTV subscribers will have to pay for a new account or switch to a service they’re happy with.