Arizona-based Zara is suing Tesla over service electric vehicle (EV) coverage

Zara has filed a lawsuit against Tesla Motors for allegedly failing to provide a service electric car (EV)-to-charging service in Arizona.

The company said in a statement Monday that Tesla failed to adequately protect its customers against the alleged unauthorized charging in the state.

Zara’s complaint alleges that Tesla did not properly notify Zara customers of the unauthorized charging and did not warn Zara of the breach.

Zack Rau, a spokesperson for Tesla, said in an email that Zara “had been informed by Tesla that the unauthorized vehicle charging could pose a threat to its customers’ electric vehicle batteries.”

Tesla said it is cooperating with Zara’s investigation and will defend against the lawsuit.

Tesla said in March that it had “zero tolerance” for unauthorized charging on its vehicles, including EV charging stations.

Tesla says in its official statement of defense that it has implemented “aggressive enforcement of existing state laws, which require that EV charging equipment be secured and installed and that customers be notified of unauthorized charging of their vehicles.”

Zara said in its lawsuit that “Tesla was not aware of the charging of the EV batteries until it had already experienced significant damage from unauthorized charging,” adding that Tesla has “fled its vehicles and failed to provide sufficient remedial action to protect the company’s customers from unauthorized vehicle-to-EV charging.”

Zola has asked the court to order Tesla to pay the plaintiff $500,000 and an additional $2 million for damages to its property, including the loss of revenue, as well as to compensate Zara for loss of property, personal injury and other personal and economic injury suffered.ZARA has filed for a preliminary injunction and preliminary injunction, a preliminary award in the matter of an injunction to prevent Tesla from enforcing its unauthorized charging laws, against Tesla in Arizona, and against Tesla and its subsidiary Tesla Motors LLC, in California.ZRAu said in the lawsuit that ZARA has received no further communication from Tesla regarding the unauthorized EV charging.